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MONU Body Treatments

Deep Cleansing Back Blitz

A facial for the back! This treatment is great for anyone who wants to treat the back. This back treatment aids in the ultimate of relaxation whilst also dealing with congestion, oiliness and tension in the back area. This invigorating treatment is perfect to help decongest oily or spot prone skin and includes extractions if necessary. Skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated followed by the application of a hot aromatic compress to relax the pores. Following extractions to clear blocked pores the treatment then includes a 10 minute relaxing massage with the application of a deep cleansing mask to finish.

60 Minutes£25.00

Essential Oil Top-to-Toe Experience

This soothing and balancing all over body treatment involves using precious aromatherapy oils with their powerful therapeutic benefits. The face, body and scalp are massaged using specialised techniques with carefully applied pressure. Let your worries evaporate away as we relieve your stress and tension with this excellent tension buster.

2 hours£45.00

Relaxation Body Treatment

Combat stress and fatigue with this full body massage, with gentle stretching movements to leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Lie back and relax as your expert therapist eases stress and invigorates the whole body using an intense combination of pure aromatic oils and specialist massage.

60 Minutes£40.00

Deep Tissue Body Treatment

A very relaxing and soothing treatment harnessing the powerful properties of precious aromatherapy oils. The Deep Tissue Body Massage is a combination of specialised massage techniques customised to treat areas of the body in need of stretching and deep tissue work. The ultimate in luxury, we recommend this treatment in treating stress-related conditions.
Deep tissue massage focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots, we recommend soaking in a hot bath with our papaya bath salts as the perfect way to rest and relax the muscles.

60 Minutes£35.00

Exotic Hot Oil & Salt Scrub Polish

This luxurious full body treatment is tailored to your client’s individual needs and will leave the skin feeling smooth, hydrated, fresh and energised. A perfect treatment pre or post holiday, pre special occasions or for someone looking to improve the texture, tone and smoothness of the skin. An aromatic and invigorating body buffing cleansing treatment to smooth away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

45 Minutes£30.00

Lime & Walnut Wrap

A delightfully relaxing massage using warm aromatherapy oils to target areas of tension or stress, re-energises and restores vitality resulting in skin that will be left beautifully nourished. Stimulating lime oil and crushed walnut shell will deeply exfoliate, whilst shea butter helps to nourish and hydrate the skin.

60 Minutes£30.00

Slim Gel Body Wrap

The Slim Gel Body Wrap is a quick and effective way to lose unwanted inches with the minimum of fuss. This superb body contouring treatment will also detoxify the system at the same time as helping to improve the appearance of cellulite. Slim Gel is a concentrated gel containing sweet fennel essential oil, seaweed, herbs, distilled witch hazel and mineral salts, formulated to achieve inch loss through the intra-cellular drainage of the lymphatic system. This is achieved by the combination of compression bandages, that allow the stimulation of the deep and superficial veins, and the active ingredients in the Slim Gel that have detoxifying, diuretic and tightening effects.

1 Hour 45 Minutes£35.00

Thermal Anti-Cellulite Body Boosting Treatment

This effective treatment works wonders on Sluggish Circulation whilst helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The legs are deeply cleansed and exfoliated using MONUSpa Body Butter which is then removed with warm towelling mitts. Using a detoxifying oil the legs are then massaged using lymphatic drainage techniques and a thermal mask is applied. An application of MONUSpa Super Sculpt to finish.

45 Minutes£25.00