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Aura Soma Colour Care System

Aura soma is a colour care system which you can use to:

  • – Learn to truly appreciate yourself and your talents
  • – Discover new ways to meet life’s challenges
  • – Bring more love and caring into your life
  • – Rebalance and revitalise your energy
  • – Access your inner self and intuition


The Aura Soma Consultation

When you face the wonderful array of Aura-Soma bottles, you have the possibility of recognising yourself at a very deep level.

You will:

  • – Be invited to choose the 4 Equilibrium bottles that attract you the most
  • – Be helped to explore what has been revealed through your colour selection
  • – Receive a written record of your consulatation
  • – Be shown how to use the Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders, Quintessences and Essences which are appropriate for you
  • – Have the opportunity to purchase the bottle(s) you select.

You are the colour you choose.

1 Hour Consultation£30

If you would like to book an Aura Soma consultation, please contact The Pamper Room Stoke now.