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Body Treatments

Back Scrub

Exfoliates, removing dead skin cells leaving skin softer. Includes back massage.


Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

A re-mineralising, oxygenating full body scrub using natural sea salts that are blended with essential oils tailored to your specific needs. Your skin will feel smooth, look buffed and nourished, the perfect treatment pre or post holiday or before another body treatment.


Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

Soothing treatment that will help clear up blemishes and acne on the back area, also helps to decongest and improve skin tone and texture.


Blue Body Mask

A seaweed mask rich in the therapeutic natural minerals that tightens, tones and shapes the body. The perfect toning treatment for specific areas of the body such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and breasts.

60 Minutes£40.00

Seaweed Cellulite

The ultimate natural anti-cellulite treatment using mineral rich seaweed that is effective at aiding poor circulation, reducing water retention and fatty deposits. Perfect for toning legs, abdomen, lower back and upper arms. Leaves skin looking beautifully smooth and toned.

60 Minutes£40.00

Green Tea Abdomen Treatment

Non-invasive colonic treatment that has a dual action to relieve feelings of tension and bloating in the digestive system and a slimming effect on the abdominal tissue. This natural peel-off mask contains Green Tea, Seaweed and Alginate which has an extraordinary capacity to reduce excess liquids.

60 Minutes£40.00

Pepper Aroma Detox Wrap

An holistic based treatment using mineral rich white mud and pepper to help stimulate the metabolism and overcome all types of cellulite on the body. A full body exfoliation combined with a stretching, lymph moving massage that eliminates stress and toxins from the body and relaxes the mind.

1 Hour 45 Minutes£50.00

Universal Contour Wrap

An amazing treatment that will exfoliate and detoxify the body, tighten loose tissue, guaranteed to give you exceptional and lasting inch loss, excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. 6 inch loss guaranteed every wrap. A course is recommended to achieve lasting results.

Single Treatment£40.00
Course of 3£110.00
Course of 6£230.00